Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bunglingly Incompetent Budgeting

From the Herald:

Financial review criticizes Lynnwood budgeting

Click it to go to the story and read for yourself. Kudos to the Herald for keeping the spotlight on the thrashings and contortions of this town's politicians and their lackeys as they continue to try to come to grips with the $5 million shortfall, which was entirely avoidable, as anybody with an ounce of sense has known all along.

It simply beggars belief that anybody with a reasonable amount of horse sense could have failed to perceive the impending economic catastrophe when the city's budget was being drawn up. Now here we are with a $5 million gap to bridge, yet we're continuing construction on a $26 million luxury of a Recreation Center and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody in the city has been laid off or even had their salaries systematically reduced in the spirit of desperately necessary belt-tightening.

Wake up, people! The parasites in your local government see you as basically nothing more than a money spigot. Everybody else in the real world has suffered mightily due to current economic reality but the government leeches continue in their cushy jobs with Cadillac benefits. Enough is enough, already.